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What was the whiskey rebellion a rebellion against?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on May 30, 2018

After the revolutionary war, New colonial america, had a $20,000,000 war debt to pay. In the government, there are two ways to make the money to pay the outstanding Tax debt or reduce spending. In time, everyone in america drank alcohol on a daily basis. Then, the federal government put a tax on all alcoholic products. U. S citizens thought they had escaped from the taxes when they are separated from the Great Britain. No one was more angry, then the citizens of the state of New York around Rochester. At that time, they were the main producers of alcohol. All alcoholic producers in that area refused to make alcohol and pay the tax with a rebellion. In the fear of a large rebellion, George Washington quickly led our us Army to stop the rebellion, which was quickly put down with no fight.

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