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What was the middle passage and what was it was about?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on December 21, 2018

The middle passage is part of the triangle trade. it was the middle leg of the Triangular Trade route used by European merchants. The African slaves were viewed as cargo to band to the merchants and were packed into the boats without respect for their basic human rights. Slave ships could be adjusted pack' or 'loose pack'. A tight pack' could hold many more slaves than the 'loose pack' because the amount of space allocated to each slave was considerably less, but more slaves would die on route to the united states so that would not be less slaves to sell . --- That is, when the slaves were taken by Europe and america from the African traders. Crossing the Atlantic in large ships, they were chained to the floor and had very little space to move around. There are often hundreds right on the deck of the ship. The slaves on the ships had as little as a 40% chance of actually making the journey alive to be sold as slaves. Many slaves became seasick or developed diarrhea. Can't move because they were chained into their positions, the slave of the deck became a stinking mass of human waste. Slaves who had developed sores where their chains had rubbed their skin, had festering wounds often with maggots eating away their flesh. The conditions on the slave ships were so bad that many slaves decided they would prefer to die and tried to starve themselves by refusing to eat or trying to jump overboard. However, slaves that would not eat were whipped or force fed and the traders and ship owners began fixing nets to the sides of the boat, so that the slaves could not jump overboard. Slaves had no choice but to endure the terrible conditions.

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