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What was the importance of education reform 1800s?

I am writing a report about education reform 1800s and don’t have enough information. I would like someone to tell me more about the reforms needed in education system during this time. Why were these reforms so significant then? Which were some of these reforms and where were they first introduced? Is there any specific person who played a critical role in bringing these changes? What were the effects of education reform on the society at large? What was the role of the government during this period? I would appreciate an answer with all the relevant information about basic education reform. Thank you in advance.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 12, 2018

America experienced crucial education reforms in 1800s. During this time, the demand for education in the country had started to increase. The emergence of industries during this time meant that more people left their rural areas to go to urban centers to look for job opportunities. However, the demand for educated people in these companies was very high and most of the people were not educated. Consequently, the need for education in America increased. However, one of the significant challenges faced by many people during this time is that education was costly and hence was not accessible to many. There was a need to make education available to as many people as possible to make sure there was enough supply of skilled labor in the many industries that emerged at that time. Besides, there was a need to address the problem of child labor where companies recruited young children as workers. Due to these challenges, there was a need to carry out reforms in the education sector.

Many education reforms were needed during this period. One reform needed in education system during this time was to make education accessible to many people. In the 1800s, there were few public schools in America. Furthermore, most teachers in these schools were not well trained. The rich in the society took their children to the private schools where the quality of education was much better. Others hired tutors for their children. One of the major challenges observed in most cities at this time is that most children did not go to school and engaged in dangerous activities such as stealing and destroying property. The public felt there was a need to have good public schools with highly-trained and well-paid teachers. In states such as Massachusetts, the public voted to pay taxes to finance public education.

Several other reforms took place during this period. 1821 saw the establishment of the first public school. In Massachusetts, a law requiring the creation of a public school in every urban center with over 500 people was enacted. Females were not allowed, in most public schools until 1837, when Oberlin College accepted the first female students. Horace Mann was one of the most significant education reformists during this period. One important effect of education reform was that more people benefited from the many public schools that were started at the time. As a result, the literacy levels in the society significantly increased in America. Moreover, many industries benefited from the presence of educated labor force. These basic education reforms taken at this time played a vital role in shaping America.

Noel Byrda year ago

Although the establishment of public schools was one of the major education reforms in the 1800s, there are other vital changes that characterized the sector during this period. As more states started to establish public schools, other necessary changes were implemented to ensure the effectiveness of the establishment of these schools. For instance, in many states, taxes were introduced to finance the sector as public education was free. In addition, it became clear that there was a need to have trained teachers in the society. As a result, teachers were required to go for training before being hired. Various teacher training colleges were started at the time. Lastly, education became compulsory to children in many states. It became illegal for companies to hire children as their workers. Through education, the role of women in the society changed since training enabled them to have the skills required to work in industries. The reforms taken during this period were fundamental to not only that generation but also the future generations. The changes played a critical role in enhancing industrial revolution.


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