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What was the experience in pursuing Sit Study Abroad, especially in Africa?

I am interested in engaging in SIT Study Abroad program during my summer holiday. I have read online about the various study abroad opportunities, but I need someone to share their firsthand experience because I am excited and at the same time nervous. I would, therefore, love to know how the program is from someone who has benefited from it. I would also like some information on how to get a scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate, and how I can enroll. In particular, I am interested in experiences in Africa because I am a Latin American and it will be my first time in Africa.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 2, 2018

Hey, I am also an American and pursued Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding Study Abroad program offered by SIT in Rwanda five years ago.  I understand your anxiety because I also had the same feeling although I had been to various parts of Africa for vacation with family and not to study and interact on a daily basis with the local community. Trust you me; it is a worthwhile experience that you will not regret. Africans are very hospitable, and you will get to learn so much from the few weeks stay there.

The various study programs focus on a specific worldwide matter, for instance, ecology, health, development, or conflict transformation among others, and pay special attention to developing nations. You should, therefore, choose a program that is in line with your field of study or something that you are interested in. Your selection of the program will determine the country of residence. Pursuing something that you are passionate about will make your stay interesting and comfortable.

SIT educational philosophy is established on a strong dedication to reciprocity which is nurtured through the experience of students overseas. Since you are pursuing a summer program, you will stay in the selected country for four to nine weeks. To benefit from the study abroad opportunity provided by the programs, be open to learning new things and engage in the various activities provided by the program. You will be under an academic director who is an expert in the particular academic field of study. In addition to classroom and field-based learning, SIT programs include independent study project component through which you will complete your undergraduate research. A combination of these three study models makes the program not only fun but also effective.

I resided in a homestay and took part in cultural activities of host community as well as in excursions. One benefit of undertaking the program is that you have access to the institution’s local resources as well as networks. There are also programs such as the International Honors Program that provides more cross-cultural educational experience. SIT has a detailed and user-friendly website that will give you more information about the programs offered. There are a number of scholarships to study abroad for undergraduates, but I self-sponsored myself so I cannot outline the procedure for you to obtain funding for your SIT studies abroad. All in all, the experience I got is so helpful in my career to date, five years down the line. I hope my experience will be of help to you.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I agree with the response above, SIT offers the best studies abroad. I studied in Jordan and I can attest that the educational learning model used is a perfect guide through a purposeful approach as well as a mentored procedure that translates real life experience into learning. I received a thorough orientation that enabled me to easily adapt the cross-cultural change, being an African from Tanzania, so you should not worry about fitting in. Multiple study formats, i.e., classwork, field visits, homestays, language study, and daily interactions with local communities sharpened my skills, and I believe that I am an all-round individual with effective leadership skills, as well as a responsible citizen. The various programs equip students with knowledge on global issues and other than enhancing my academic and professional skills, I enjoyed learning the host community’s culture. It was an experience of a lifetime and it helped me build my confidence and interpersonal skills. I won SIT’s scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate studies in Jordan, and I am sure you can use the same procedure to get funding. Visit

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