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What was the capital of New Zealand?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

Brandon Scott on December 17, 2018

Initially under British rule, New Zealand has been part of the colony of New South Wales. Hobson initially selected Okiato as the capital in 1840, before moving the seat to gogovernment to Auckland in 1841, when New Zealand became a separate colony, and there are a growing number of European settlers to New Zealand particularly from the British Isles. The MAori were initially eager to trade with the "Pakeha", as they called them, and many became rich. As settler numbers increased, conflicts over land led to the New Zealand land wars of the 1860s and 1870s, resulting in the loss of much MAori of the earth. The details of European settlement and the acquisition of land of MAori remain controversial. Representative of the government of the colony, established in 1852, when the United Kingdom passed the new Zealand constitution act of 1852. The first New Zealand parliament met in 1854. In 1856 the colony became effectively self-employed with the granting of responsible government on all matters other than native policy. The power in this respect would be transferred to the colonial administration in the 1860s. In 1863 Premier Alfred Domett moved a resolution that the capital transfer to a locality in Cook strait, apparently due to concern that the South of the Island separately from the colony. Commissioners from Australia (chosen for their neutral status) advised that Wellington was suitable because of its harbour and central location, and parliament officially sat there for the first time in 1865. In 1893, the country became the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote.

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