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What was not true about the korean war the soviets provided support to north korea north korea claimed sovereignty of the entire Korean peninsula the war was at a stalemate by the end of 1951 the UN supported a police action The peace treaty was signed in 1953

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Roger Moore on September 6, 2018

The wrong part would be that a treaty of peace was signed in 1953. No official peace treaty was signed at the conclusion of the Korean War. The agreement was only a ceasefire between the military forces, is not a treaty in which the governments agreed to terms with each other.The Korean War occurred when the communist forces of the North invaded the South in 1950, the united States intervened (with Un support), fought to keep South Korea free and democratic, and were able to do so. The Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, and close to 5 million people (military and civilian) who lost their lives in the conflict. Korea remains divided in the same line where things were before the war.

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