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What was not available during world war 2?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on July 23, 2018

Food they time normalized, so need food for fighting soldiers and for the UK. . The tires were time normalized, so need tires for military vehicles and other things. . Gasoline was strictly rationed because of the "war machine" which is used by hundreds of thousands of gasoline a day. . Clothing was limited, so that the clothing and shoes, and the computer field. . Metals was restricted, because he devoted himself to the construction of ships and machines for war. . Antibiotics and other medicines were time normalized to hospitals and pharmacies so that people abroad can get what they need. The blood was a little blood banks, but people lined up around the building to donate blood for the United States home front and the war front. . Now a more interesting note: does not have aircraft positioning methods, because there were no satellites, they had no computers! They don't have TV, cell phones, but I have the teletype and Telegraph and radio.

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