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What vocabulary games can I use to prepare for an English vocabulary test?

This question may sound weird. Anyways, I am looking for an interesting way to prepare for an English vocabulary test. My English lacks the necessary vocabulary richness in relation to what I want to offer. I recently started a website to teach essay writing to students online. For the past year, I have been taking an English online free class at Udemy. Despite getting good scores consistently, I still do not have a rich vocabulary. I would like to infuse some fun into my revision with English language games.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 20, 2018

An English language game is a sure way to infuse fun into the revision process. These games will spice up your preparation experience thus ensuring that you grasp the most vocabulary from these sessions.  The following games can help you instill some fun in your English vocabulary tests preparations:

Last Man Standing

Despite being a relatively fast-paced game, it still provides ample time for students to think. It promotes peer learning since students get to pick up on words that their friends speak. This game is played as so, first, take a ball and form a circle together with your friends, family, etc. After this, proceed to name a theme or category, i.e., things found in a mall.

Start by throwing the ball to a playmate who is required to shout a name that is related to the chosen category. After this, they are to throw the ball to another playmate. Each person that gets the ball is required to provide a name that relates to the category you decided on.

When a player repeats a name that is already mentioned, they are required to come up with another one within a few seconds. Failure to do this results in them being removed from the game and put on the side. However, they keep learning by hearing the names mentioned by continuing playmates.

You can decide to turn up the difficulty a bit. This time, rather than saying names from the same category, a playmate gives their counterpart another category. For instance, if you begin with ‘something purple’ the first person to get the ball can say ‘blackcurrants’ and then provide another category to the person they throw the ball to.  It makes the game a notch difficult since no playmate will be able to think of a word before knowing their category.


Also referred to as the drawing game. It involves the use of cards from this board game to come up with a fun way to prepare for your free online English vocabulary test. This game really draws you into it since it requires a lot of action.

Chalkboard Pictionary

Together with friends, form two groups. Make columns for each on the board. Let the person from the first team come to the front and draw a card from the set. They are required to explain this to their group members via drawings.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

The following are some other awesome English language games that can help you improve your vocabulary and mastery of English altogether.

They are:


This is a game that utilizes gestures and actions to convey a secret word. It requires you to jot down words paper for you and your friends to choose. Verbs are often used since they are easy. However, you can use complex words as long as all of you know them. Divide yourselves into two groups. Choose a paper with a word and act it out. Your team is required to guess the word before three minutes elapse. The team that gets to ten points first wins.

20 Objects

To play this game, get a clear table and 20 common things that can be found in a certain setting.

Put the items on the table and let your friends look at them. Try naming the items.

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