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What value do self help quotes bring to a person’s life?

I would like to know how self help quotes help in improving the quality of an individual’s life. I am having difficulty in comprehending how words can be so significant in changing the course of a person’s life. My attempts at formulating a self improvement plan have always been unfruitful. Therefore, I request information that will help me come up with a working plan. Please note that I would love to infuse some self growth quotes into my plan. Lastly, please highlight the steps in coming up with a self development plan. Thank you.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 2, 2018

A self-help quote goes a long way in improving the life of the reader. These quotes have been the reason so many people have succeeded in life. In fact, reading them often gives you a rare energy and motivation to face your tasks. Yes! Even the most difficult ones!

Long story short, here are the main impacts of these magic words:

They provide motivation instantly

Immediately after reading the appropriate quote, a person feels rejuvenated and ready to face the world. It provides an instant energy that is vital in prepping you for the task at hand or situation to be faced.

They are very uplifting during times of depression

Reading these quotes go a long way in fighting depression. This is because they provide very encouraging information that will guarantee an instant departure from a dull mood.

They ward off the habit of procrastination

Postponing things is the reason so many people are unsuccessful and non-starters. Encouraging words on self-assistance are a sure way of fighting this lazy spirit.

These magic words are free

The fact that these quotes are free, makes them easily accessible. There is also an ocean of quotes out there. This therefore makes them the most efficient and cheapest way of tackling self-help issues.

Self-improvement plans are the best when it comes to planning for our future. Below are four steps you should undertake when coming up with a good plan:

  • Evaluate your life: Identify the aspects of your life that you need to improve on. Analyze the impact of everything you do.
  • Set your goals: Identify the areas of your life that you rate highly and those that you rate low. Choose between eliminating things or people and adjusting your life accordingly.
  • Take appropriate action: After you come up with your goals, choose the one to pursue. I recommend you do them in accordance to the urgency and your needs. Get yourself reading support and relevant material. This is where you will bring in your self-growth quote and other literature. After that, commit yourself to the course by affirming it. Reflect on your goals and ask a friend to monitor you.
  • Monitor and evaluate yourself throughout your plan.

The seven steps of coming up with self-development plans are:

  • Map your development potential
  • Think about your future self
  • Identify the areas to work on
  • Establish your means of self-development
  • Make self-development goals
  • Create a schedule
  • Monitor your progress

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I would like to add information on why self-help quotes can improve a person’s life. Below is a breakdown:

They tap into our core biology: Human beings are ambitious. So, any information that taps into the desire of a person to progress will ensure that they get motivated to do so. This therefore makes these quotes an important asset to success.

The power of words: Words are so powerful. So, powerful they can change the course of someone’s life. That is why people feel so bad when mean things are said about them. This therefore means, that when someone comes across encouraging words, they are bound to be more motivated and happy with life.

The encouraging factor: Words especially from people we revere can help us improve our lives greatly. When you get a quote from a person you look up to, you are bound to be more receptive to it.

Craig Stewart2 years ago

The primary goal of self help quotes is to bring some inspiration to all of us. They are meant to help us improve ourselves inwardly. By developing ourselves inside, we are able to project the same amazing feeling to the surrounding. For instance, compassion is a virtue that has to be expressed inwards towards self first, for it to be well projected to the immediate environment. Being kind to oneself is a platform that helps someone to learn how to be kind to someone else. One of the recommended ways of achieving this is by having a self development plan and following it. 

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