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What university has the best club fair in the U.S.?

Organizing a university club fair is an annual tradition in all higher education establishments of our country. This is all about the involvement of students in the activities outside of classes. At the fair, people can get to know what clubs and organizations a university offer. So, I’m looking for the champion in the variety of clubs among American universities.  

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 26, 2018

Well, I know two establishments that are the best for me. Every year, they organize splendid fairs with dozens of clubs and hundreds of visitors. Attending one of them, you can find some groups that specialize in the most unusual things. So, these club fairs can surprise you.

One of the universities with a rich variety of clubs is Carnegie Mellon University. Its activities fair features about 300 student organizations! Can you imagine having to choose one of them for your free time? It was hard to choose what to do in high school where the number of options was very limited. How can you possibly choose just one when there are so many of them?

CMU organizes two fairs a year: in winter and in fall. The variety of interests represented by the groups cover all religious beliefs, entertainment preferences, and so on. Here, you will see martial arts interacting with LGBT, gaming being friendly with religion, and so on. It surprises me how such different people can work together to create a fair that impresses all freshmen.

University club fairs mostly have the leaders with the biggest crowds of people and those groups with a few uninterested students passing by. Here, you can see that every club strives to make a unique presentation and attract the attention of students.

Involving students is the main purpose of each club at the fair. The competition is great despite the friendly relations between the groups. So, the most people you get, the prouder you are.

Another place with amazing organizations and clubs is the University of Nebraska. It has the whole network of Recognized Student Organizations that present their accomplishments each year in August. All clubs are welcome to register for the event and book their table. At this fair, groups strive to showcase their work and contribution. The variety of clubs may be not as wide as the previous university has, but it also covers most interests modern students may express. You are welcome to join the event for free even if you are not a student of the campus. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

Yes, you are right about CMU. I’m glad to study there and have an opportunity to come to the fairs even when I don’t plan to become a member of one of them. This is more than a simple club fair where the members just sit behind their tables bored and uninterested in other visitors. This is a huge student affair that looks like a big day-time party. Of course, there is no booze, but people are enjoying themselves, interacting with their friends, and communicating with strangers.

For us, this fair is a great opportunity for freshmen who are still afraid of the student life and don’t really any friends here. This is where you come to socialize for the first time and decide a part of which community you want to be. 

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

Though I haven’t been to a club fair of those two establishments, they sound awesome. However, I’d like to add one more name to the list. To my mind, the one place that values student involvement events the most is Santa Clara University.

This is one of the most important student activities that all people wait. Of course, this is a major work for the hosts, but the staff and students like it. Even the smallest clubs and organization try to register a table to share their interests and purpose with the newbies who can become their new members. If you are looking for the best club fair, this is the place to go.  

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