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What universities abroad offer the best International Studies major?

I’m searching for a country and a university that offer great courses in international studies. I’d value your advice and be thankful if you can name the advantages of some of them. Do you know many places to study abroad? Which are the best locations? If you have any personal experience on the matter, please, share. I’m looking for decent courses that are not extremely expensive. A few options for the cheapest study abroad programs would be welcomed.

Any thoughts on the country to choose from? I’d like to get good cultural experience and see what it’s like to live in another country.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on February 20, 2018

International studies are always dynamic and intercultural; they touch the whole globe and make you travel to different countries in your mind. Studying this major abroad is a good choice. Most universities have similar programs that include an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary global politics, a thorough examination of economics, history, and cultures of various countries on Earth. If you have great analytical skills, you’ll do great at this course and will be able the shape the future of this rapidly changing world.

I’d advise you to consider applying to the University of Leiden located in the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest educational establishments of the country—founded in 1575. The university has over 50 departments and all of them are full of students, including the foreigners. In addition, there are many research and graduate schools and institutes.

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I’m not sure any of these programs can help you enroll at Leiden University. Besides, the tuition there is not cheap at all. However, you can always apply for a scholarship, grant, or loan. There are some international grants provided by private organizations and individuals. Look for a scholarship in the actual university. Maybe, it has some special offers for abroad students funding.

The International Studies department is one of the best offers of this university. As a student from another country, you can apply for a Bachelor’s degree in international studies. The courses last three years and are taught in English. The curriculum touches upon the issue of globalization. The material is separated into eight regions of the world. Students are encouraged to learn one language of a region they choose to study to understand the culture and relationships better. The best part about enrolling in the university is the integration of real hands-on practice of working with businessmen and organizations. I think that this is the best place to study abroad considering your major. Leiden University is the best place to study international relations because it is situated in the center of the international politics, The Hague. These courses help you develop an international mindset and build the base for your future career.

In general, the program is great and promises you great career opportunities afterward. Don’t miss your chance. A diploma from Leiden University will make you the priority of all companies. Here, look at the official website to learn more

Olive Wilsona year ago

The Leiden University is not cheap at all. Though the education is excellent, not all people can afford it. I’ll offer you a few options that are more budget-friendly.

So, the cheapest study abroad programs don’t guarantee that all their courses will be affordable. There will always be some majors and universities that are more expensive than the others. We’ll talk about the average prices here.

Center for Study Abroad is a good option to start from. This is a high-quality program provider that will select a few cheap courses for you.

International Studies Abroad is also full of budget options. The selection of countries and universities working with ISA is really impressive. It doesn’t matter where you would like to go, ISA can send you even to New Zealand.

Pay attention to Norway and Germany as they usually have many cheap options and are considered affordable places to study. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the education is awful there. The universities are highly regarded.

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