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What UGA study abroad programs are available today?

I’m looking for cheap study abroad programs as my wish to visit another country is great but the finances are small. So, I’m hoping to find something affordable. It doesn’t really matter what country I’ll go to, I just want to experience new cultures. I’ve heard that UGA study abroad programs are affordable and diverse. What offers are available today? I hope there are some exotic countries on the list. The visit also does not have to be very long.

How do I submit a study abroad application? What papers do I need to have?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 16, 2018

Several thousands of UGA students go to study in other countries each year. If you are going to choose a university based on its international programs, this is a great option. The Office of International Education provides you with the opportunity to visit Costa Rica, England, Italy, and other countries to combine your academic studies and cultural development.

If you are not sure what location to choose, I would advise you England. This is a real chance to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world—Oxford. UGA Oxford Study Abroad Program has a strong foundation and support. With several campuses located in the center of Oxford, you can choose any major you would like to get.

Abroad studies with UGA are affordable and enjoyable. You don’t need to wait for months to get an answer.

UGA Discover Abroad programs are travel-based. All of them give you a unique opportunity to widen your views and visit new amazing places. Summer offers are very popular among students of all majors. If you want to add new colors to your life, UGA is here to help. Here is the official website that will help you in your search: The programs are divided by semesters to make your choice easier. If you know that a winter break doesn’t suit you, just don’t pay attention to those offers.

If you are looking for cheap studies abroad, there are a few options for you. UGA does not work for free, as far as I know, but the prices are affordable. Considering those amazing places that the establishment works with, the cost is worth the pleasure. Besides, you are not simply traveling, you’ll learn many new skills and enrich your academic knowledge.

The best part is that you can submit an application for abroad studies online. On the website, you can find an initial form that has to be filled. Then, you’ll get the link for an actual online application form sent to your email.

UGA’s international engagement and collaboration with universities and colleges worldwide are amazing. The network covers many places that students will gladly visit. It also enriches the knowledge of local staff and professors who can help their students to decide on the path they want to go. If you are a part of the UGA family, you get professional support and worldwide opportunities.

Emily Alexandera year ago

I don’t think that the best side of the UGA abroad studies is the option to send an online application. Many other programs and establishments work the same way. In general, everything is done online today. So, I’m not really impressed by this feature.

What I like the most is the existence of scholarships. I know that money is a sensitive issue for all students, no matter what country they live in. If you are a not a “Richie Rich” who can travel as much as they want, you would be lucky to get an international studies scholarship. I can’t explain you all details about financial aid, so, you’ll have to contact its support center.

The website also gives you a few tips on how to prepare for the departure, what to do when you are in another country, and what you should do the minute your return home.

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