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What two styles are combined in punta music A. South American and European B.spanish and indigenous C.traditional and modern D. Spanish and African

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on April 25, 2018

Traditional and modern are two styles are then combined in the tip of the Music. Tip is a contemporary sort of the Garifuna music from Belize in the early 1970's, which, in addition, is current in the neighboring countries of Honduras and Guatemala. The production of the modern Tip is credited to Pen Cayetano, who joined the habit of tip mood of the Garifuna Folk Music, played on traditional percussion, with electric guitars and other percussion instruments to make a style that is called " tip shake.' This advance was immediately greeted by Garifuna artists, and in the next decade in Belize, the freedom in 1981, Tip developed to wind up Belize premier style of the famous of the music.

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