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What tutoring websites can give me an online tutoring job?

Despite having a Masters, I am currently unemployed. I have been job searching for six months since my graduation. My efforts however, have not been fruitful.

Recently, a friend suggested that I should explore the world of online academic tutoring.  Being so desperate for a job, I immediately took on this opportunity. My biggest challenge is that I cannot get a good site to offer my services.

Therefore, I am here asking for suggestions of tutoring websites that offer jobs.

Lastly, please recommend a good website for a programming tutorial.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on February 26, 2018

The unemployed phase of life is one of the most challenging stages. Desperation at this stage is only natural. Do not fret though; go through my suggestions below to find the best tutoring website to offer your services.

To offer tutoring in academics on this site, you will have to submit a CV and a cover letter. The available jobs at any given time are on teaching jobs.

Bear in mind that this is a competitive site. Therefore, give it your best shot.

Once accepted, employment is of a semi-permanent nature i.e. you are on the payroll right after the hiring stage.

You should create an elance personal profile before consideration. Information on this is on their Service Providers segment.


  1. Set up a profile and define your skills.
  2. Search for jobs you qualify, e.g. tutoring
  3. Present proposals for jobs you can do

The elance platform allows you to submit work, receive funds, create invoices and deliver status information.

You can also get and provide feedback on various aspects of the work process. This is particularly useful in improving your ranking.

Click here to access the application procedure at this site.


  • No application fees
  • Screening process might go on for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Chances of acceptance increase with the ability to tutor more subjects.

This site allows you to post all services you can do for a $5 fee.

You are required to set up a service. (‘Gig’ in fiverr language). Fiverr then alerts you to undertake a task whenever your service is required.  

During payment, Fiverr retains $1 and sends you $4 via PayPal.

To work here, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Craigslist account
  2. Sign up for your account
  3. Go to ‘create posting’ part and click
  4. Put your advertisement under the tutoring and lessons part.

For your advertisement, carefully select your words to increase your chances of appearing on the searches.

Constantly, update your advertisement.  

Revolution Prep

This site develops trains and hires the best tutors in the field. The hiring process here is very competitive. Only a small percentage of applicants make the cut.

To get more information click on the careers link.

Of all the websites offering programming tutorials, I highly recommend tutorialspoint. Tutorials offered here are very informative and easy to understand. Furthermore, the presentation of the tutorials is engaging.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

The tutoring websites mentioned above are some of the most exceptional when it comes to online tutoring jobs. This is because these sites treat their employees well. Payment is on time and the tutors are involved in major decisions related to their work.

I would just like to add to the long list of these websites. Consider the recommendations below when searching for your tutoring job.

Homework Tutoring

This site is currently seeking qualified tutors in law, history and engineering.

You are also free to choose a subject you can tutor. This is basing on your qualifications.

They are also looking out for tutors with expertise on web tools i.e. MSN Messenger and ICQ.

Aim-for-A Tutoring

This website is looking for tutors to provide online tutoring to their broad student clientele. Applicants must have a Master’s degree.

Send a CV and supporting documentation to  

Good luck when applying.

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