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What to expect when you apply for online art courses?

I received a calling letter from an online education program to undertake online design classes this fall. I have no experience attending online classes apart from the cheap online courses I enrolled in last month. I would like the opinion of individuals who have attended online classes before and have in-depth knowledge of what happens in these programs. I would like to know the learning systems of the best free online classes. I would also like to know the learning system I should expect when I attend these online art courses.

Samantha Barber

in Online Courses

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on July 9, 2018

Online learning is somewhat different compared to typical traditional classes. When you enroll in art courses online, you provided with a syllabus of your course. You will register for a student account for you to become part of the online school community. Different schools have different ways which they operate, however, when it comes to online programs there are certain learning techniques that institutions incorporate into their school system. As an online student, the following are some of the learning techniques you should expect as part of your online design class.

  •    Experience interactive learning with instructors.

Unlike traditional classes, online learning offers students an opportunity to contact their instructors directly. At a regular school, it is difficult for a student to meet up with their teachers since students are unaware when teachers are in their offices. Online students can email their teacher whenever they have concerns about their course, and the lecturer could clarify.  Online learning institutions also organize periodic discussions among students and in other cases of the students and the instructors. Students and teachers can work through questions and answers of some units the students undertake. This discussion could be organized on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

  •    Assessment

Just like any other education program, assessment is a fundamental part of learning. For students to fully understand what they learn, they must be assessed. Online students are assigned assignments which they are obliged to complete on time. Your participation in the class discussion boards is part of assessments. Your participation determines your class activity and understanding of the course. The instructor may also schedule short test which you will be required to complete and submit after a short time. Projects are also given where students may be asked to complete individually or as a group. The teacher will then mark them and award marks that make part of the final exam mark.

  •    Course notes

On portals, there are reading materials that are posted concerned with the best free online class the student is undertaking. The course notes are mostly posted on the portal for students to read, and students can also download the notes for future purposes.  Some online learning programs also provide eBooks which you can purchase and use to study.

  •    Videos

At the beginning of your course, you may receive an introductory video that covers what you will tackle in the syllabus. At times through your cheap online course, you may receive videos of lecturing videos that focus on particular content in the course. Sometimes lecturers may also attach videos from other sources which they believe would be beneficial for the learning of the student.

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I completed my online studies a month ago, and I agree that all techniques were used in the program that I enrolled. Online learning system incorporates a diverse learning experience for students. Students should expect more than just attending online classes. Online programs come with an integrated learning system that it uses to educate students. Apart from the above expectations, there are others that were included in my online design class that may be used in some programs;

  •    Text and images

From time to time the instructors posted reading material on the online student portal. The ranged from written lecturer notes to downloadable readings from textbooks. Image galleries were also an apart of these images; these were posted relevant to the topic we studied.

  •    Audio and recordings

What we learned at most times also come from a professional podcast. The instructor would post a recording of a podcast that focussed on analyzing the course unit. These recording at times originated from online courses. 

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