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What to do when bullyied?

William Cain

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on November 21, 2019

A bully is only a weak, frightened individual who compensates for this weakness by taking his wrath on those he believes are weaker than him. If you are being bullied there are several things you can do: 1. This is the best option. If you are being bullied, tell an adult. An adult will most likely be able to solve the problem much easier than you might think. Either tell your parents or tell a teacher that is being bullied, it is the right thing to do. No one likes a accuse, but in this case, it is not tattling. Bullies can be very harmful to someone, either through physical harm or emotional harm. 2. Do not try to reason with the bully as this is not going to work. In any case, will only worsen the bullying. Avoiding them works, but only temporarily. At some point, somewhere is going to end up running towards them. 3. To make a stand. This option may not be the best, but if you can pull you will never be bullied again. Only to learn to stand up for himself and fight. I think if you beat up a bully, that will never intimidate you again. Not only did he never bother you again, but you will feel more confidence in yourself. DO NOT BECOME THE BULLY. Only because he managed to beat a bully does NOT mean you should go beating other people! Be humble in victory and know that if someone ever tries to bully you again, you will be able to fight.

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