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What three things does DuBois state are the goals of Washington's agenda for the black people? . . a. political power, civil rights, higher education. b. enfranchisement, legal status, institutional aid. c. industrial education, accumulation of wealth, conciliation of the South. d. peace, happiness, prosperity

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 5, 2018

The answer is B. the emancipation, the situation of legal, institutional, and aidDu Bois was one of the African-Americans who have sought to fight against the against the Racial Discrimination happening in the united States. He does not in accordance with Washington's view on the issues against segregation. Washington he wanted African-Americans to give the right to vote, legal status and the help of the institution, he believes that you should only give follow-up to the aspects, however, for Du Bois; he believes that Washington is evil and that we must continue the fight against the racial discrimination that is experiencing in the united States. He believes that Caucasians have gone against the 14th Amendment of the Constition.

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