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What technique does O’Connor use in the paragraph to create compelling characters

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on November 16, 2018

I think that the below is the paragraph from your reference to:The daughter could not see far in front of her, and continued to play with his fingers. Although the old woman lived in this desolate spot with only her daughter and that she had never seen Mr. Shiftlet before, she could tell, even from a distance, that he was a tramp and no one is afraid of. His left coat sleeve was folded up to show there was only half an arm in it and his gaunt figure listed slightly to one side as if the breeze were pushing him. He had on a black town suit and a hat of brown felt that is transformed in the front and down the back, and he carried a tin tool box by a handle. He came, in a wandering, his path, his face turned towards the sun, which seemed to be balancing himself on the top of a small mountain.The answer is that the detailed descriptions

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