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What teaching methodology does Odyssey Charter School apply?

I’ve heard about Odyssey Charter School for the last 10 years but have never gotten much info about them except that their performance is amazing. I need to understand what the difference between regular schools and charter elementary schools are and why Odyssey has such great performance, especially in Math. What about their school education system makes it great for kids to go there?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 16, 2018

Charter schools are just schools which basically operate outside the state regulatory authorities in which they are operated, though they receive federal funding. In many cases they are privately owned and may adopt different types of teaching methods other than those we are used to. Some of their methods may be quite radical although their great performance usually justifies this. Odyssey School is a great example of a charter school, and its special focus is on Hellenistic education. If you are not familiar with Hellenistic teaching methods, the Greek civilization in the age of Alexander brought forth Hellenism which spread throughout the world as a culture. Its education system emphasises learning, not just to gain practical skills, but to develop the mind, body and soul through critical thinking and then effectively transform the individual into a completely new person.

Odyssey uses this approach in its teaching methods, although the school just started in 2006. It now has over 1000 students and they have been given great ratings by the Delaware school board. It employs the classical educational approach and emphasizes Math as a core unit. The class size is small and the student-teacher ratio is about 12 :1. The Hellenic system of education may be a bit confusing to most people and a lot of reference is made to the Greek culture, including in their annual charity runs, marathons and other school events. I think it introduces a fun twist to the conventional learning that folks are used to. Schools education in such institutions is radically different from what you’d get normally. The school also focuses on language learning and teaches critical subject matter in both English and classical Greek language.

Odyssey also has academic acceleration and enrichment programs for students in grades 3 through 6. Using a variety of methods such as standardize testing, teacher assessment and recommendations, supplemental enrichment through extra hours and independent discovery projects. The school has had awards that I’ve heard of, like excellence in academic standards, innovation and student living. The school promotes OWLS which stands basically for:

O- Outstanding Leadership

W-Win Respect


S-Show kindness

These are instruments that the school uses to mould the character of its students and that’s why students passing through the school are highly respected wherever they go. Though there are a few negative reviews for the school, most are positive, mine included. I recommend them.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I must admit the school is nothing like what I expected. My initial impression of charter elementary schools was that of schools which push special interests and other issues that kids might not understand. However, my niece came out of there a totally different person. She was 14 by the time she was leaving Odyssey and talking with her, you’d think she was a 30-year-old. Her experience during their various summer camps is something she remembers enthusiastically. She was interested in joining cheerleading and eventually becoming a gymnast and there is where she saw her passion flourish. I love the fact that the school focuses more on personal development. As a result, children are able to grow into maturity way before they reach adult age. Their services may get costly sometimes, but I’d say overall, they are doing a great job.

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