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What subjects do you need to study psychology?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

James Washington on June 11, 2020

I guess this question is aimed at someone in high school seeking to study psychology at a university level. If so, it depends a bit on your goals, but psychology is a pretty broad field, so most subjects will benefit you. Obviously psychology, if available, will be of help. Biology is probably the next most useful. A course on statistics as soon as possible (and keep taking) would be a benefit. SOME of the social studies courses can help (to the extent that they deal with motivations and approach their topics as a social science), BUT it might not help so this is less recommended. English and Math can never hurt. If you want to go to therapy in the fields, I would suggest English with more force. You need good writing skills but literature often deals with different ways of thinking, etc, it Also helps to be a counselor or get a bit of experience, if you plan this route. Foreign languages would provide an added edge (especially Spanish for the majority of the places). For more experimental areas, you should take mathematics at least through calculus (for advice, just stats is fine). For the areas of biological, chemical and even physical could help. For cognitive areas, a computer science course would be a good idea. Basic computers skills will be needed, but that is true for almost any field. I guess I would say: Bio, Stats, English, Other Math, Other Sciences, Social Studies, Computers, in that order. But the good news is that almost every class will be of help. I would like to say that music or art isn't, but there are therapies designed around each one as well as the disciplines of psychology, the research of music perception (and others on musical knowledge). And there is a branch called Sports Psychology also. So maybe the right approach is to take what you want, but be somewhat balanced in their courses, instead of taking a ton of area.

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