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What study programs does UCI study abroad offer?

I am a high school graduate and planning to enroll in a college. I am interested in studying overseas to learn and experience the diversity of different world cultures. I have been looking for study abroad organizations that are both reputable and reliable.

This is because I will be a stranger in a foreign land. I do not want to compromise on the standard of any of the study abroad companies that I choose for my abroad study.

Is UCI study abroad my best bet? What kind of programs do they offer?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 6, 2018

What I gather from the information you have given is that you have not made a career choice yet. I would recommend that you first assess your career goals and interests to know if University of California Irvine study abroad is the best bet for you. This is because most of these organizations differ in the programs they offer.

A quick guide on how you can self-assess to choose a career:

  • Know your personality, values, skills and interests.
  • List down hobbies and anything you like doing.
  • List down all the careers you think fit in with the above criterion then mark the ones that appeal to you most. Research widely on these professions and familiarize yourself with each.
  • Narrow down to a suitable choice.

UCI is a good study abroad organization that offers some of the following programs:

University of California Summer Abroad

Through their various campuses, UCI offers several summer programs for their students. The price for each of the course is unique depending on the duration, complexity and geographical location.

However, scholarships and grants are available for application if you need financial assistance. Some of the programs under this include:

  • UC Berkeley Summer Abroad.
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad.
  • UC Los Angeles Travel Study.
  • UC Riverside Summer Study Abroad.
  • UC Santa Barbara Summer Travel Study.

UC Education Abroad Program

UCI main overseas program is UCEAP. Within this, there are more than 400 programs in as many as 40 countries from which to choose. You of course have to register in any of the several UC campuses to apply. You can visit their website to find out which kind of program best suits you.

UC Davis Quarter Abroad

This program is designed and run by the UC Davis campus and is available for all UC registered students. It runs for a quarter of the year, which amounts to a maximum of 16 weeks. It offers a perfect blending of learning and travel as you earn course units in a foreign environment. Depending on your course specialization, you can travel to the UK, Spain, Mexico, and Australia among other countries.

IOP Study and IOP Non-study

International opportunities program helps UC students who wish to study abroad but are unable to do so through the UC Summer Program or the UC Education Abroad Program a chance. UC usually does this by providing a link between these students and their affiliate studies abroad companies.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I would slightly disagree that this is your best bet. Remember that the programs that have been listed are for students that are already enrolled and studying in their campuses. There are options that you need to explore before you can settle on a specific one. So, here are some factors to consider for a good study abroad company selection:

  • Its affordability: the programs a company offered should be affordable and not exploitative in pricing.
  • The financing options: this refers scholarships and grants available for application.
  • Its eligibility criteria: this is the requirements for acceptance to their programs.
  • Quality and diversity of its opportunities: their courses should be of diverse and of high quality.
  • Additional services offered: these are services like housing, travel and emergency medical care for their students
  • Alumni reviews: former students should have had a satisfactory experience with the company’s’ programs. Several negative reviews should be taken seriously.

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