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What states require a person to be licensed in dentist specialty?

Caroline Campbell

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Mindee Nelson on March 22, 2018

Seventeen states currently license dental specialties. Virginia only license of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, therefore, this state is not included in the total number of 17 states.. All 17 states require the specialist to hold a general dentistry license; 13 will only accept a general dental license granted by the state. Four (4) states, Idaho , Minnesota , Nevada , Oklahoma, and the willingness to accept a general dental license from any state. License applicants in these states can apply directly for a specialty license after meeting other criteria.. Of the states that license dental specialties, thirteen (13) administer specialty examinations: Arkansas , Idaho , Illinois , Kansas , Kentucky , Michigan , Mississippi , Missouri , New Mexico , Oklahoma , Oregon , South Carolina , Tennessee . However, Virginia does not examine the unique specialty of the licenses, WHO'. Of these states, nine (9) to accept the credentials of a diploma or certification from the specialty National Specialty Board recognized by the ADA, in lieu of specialty examination: Arkansas, Idaho , Kansas , Kentucky , Michigan , Missouri , Oregon , South Carolina , Tennessee .. How does all this relate to the state's requirements for licensure by credentials?. General Licensing Credentials - of The 13 states that require their own general dental license are also licensing part of the credentials of the states, and that granted by a general dental license for out-of-state applicants by a review of your credentials.. Montana and Wyoming will issue a general dental license credentials to dental specialists who have previously passed a clinical examination administered by a regional testing agency or another state Board of Examiners Dental however, Montana has an additional requirement that the applicant must have completed 2 years of accredited specialty residency or obtain a specialty degree. Iowa will accept the successful completion of a national specialty examination in lieu of evidence of completion of a clinical examination. Or Iowa, Montana, or Wyoming licensed dental specialists.. Specialty licensure by Credentials Of the states that license dental specialists 9 will accept a specialty license in one of the other specialty licenses in the states in lieu of specialty examination: Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee .. For more information, visit:.

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