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What sources of homework help can a student use for successful completion of home assignments?

In class, students may not always be able to grasp all that a teacher explains. They may fail to get some concepts, making it difficult for them to work on an assignment on that particular subject while at home. Please, explain how efficient a homework tutor can be in that kind of situation, or whether parents helping with homework would be a more preferable solution. Furthermore, a lot of parents are not fluent in Spanish, so explain where else students can get Spanish homework help.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 26, 2018

Learning has been made a better experience for students nowadays. The internet has opened up alleys that were not available before. Help on homework can now be easily accessed by any student who needs it. There is a large number of sites on the web that offer this kind of services to students today. Their aim, as they put it, is not to spoon-feed the answers to the students or help them cram, but rather to help students get a deeper understanding of certain basic concepts through step-by-step explanation before finally arriving at the answers.

The sites that offer assistance on assignments meet the standards of education that are set. They have homework tutors in various subjects who meet the set standards of qualification. These teachers are individuals with higher diplomas and/or degrees in a particular subject. They are always on standby so that a student in need of any kind of help can be assisted in time.

PhD.Experts are one of the best sites from where students can get assistance on any given subject. They offer the service at absolutely no cost. Their subjects include Literature, Economics, Management as well as Finance. It has an organized system that delivers helps fast, sparing more time for the student to relax, or work on something else.

A student looking for help should identify what he wants first, then look for a site that can offer the help he needs, because some sites only offer help in a single particular field of study, science for instance.

Apart from the internet, students can get help with homework from their parents. When parents take the initiative of helping a child to work on their homework, it helps the child can learn from a more comfortable environment. Furthermore, it also strengthens the bond between the parent and the child.

There are instances, however, when the parent isn’t able to help, like when it comes to a foreign language. Few parents are actually fluent in Spanish, for example. Thus they aren’t so useful when it comes to offering help with Spanish homework. In such cases, the internet comes to the rescue. There are dozens of sites that can offer the help a student may need in completing a Spanish assignment. is an example of the sites that help students to get a better grasp of their Spanish. 

Justin Parker10 months ago

The internet is a very good source of homework help whenever you need it. However, it nurtures laziness within a number of students. Most people like everything to be done easily, and so do most students. Not all of them will take the time to go through the step-by-step explanation of how the answer is arrived at. Only a handful will really go through the work and grasp the content unless the site offers the help live. That is why I think that it is even harmful for students to use the internet for their studies.

The purpose of any homework is to help students to familiarize themselves more with some topics, hence it loses it meaning when someone else does the homework instead of the student, and the latter just walks away with a well-done piece of work but with no idea about how it was done. 

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