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What so the bridesmaids do during the wedding ceremony?

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Rodney Fox on December 14, 2019

What Bridesmaids During The Wedding Ceremony? . This is the wedding procession coming down the aisle:. Flower girl (if you decide to have one) goes first towards the Pulpit and then goes to the left of the pulpit. . The ring Bearer (if you decide to have one) going from the second to the Pulpit, and then, is with the men on the right side. . If you are going to have three to four Bridesmaids then you go down in single file, staying about 3 to 5 feet of distance and should move slowly towards the Pulpit. Once there go to the left of the pulpit. . Then comes the bridesmaid (young woman) or Matron of Honor (married young woman) and gradually goes down the aisle (she is there to help you in all possible ways and therefore it is the introduction of your big entrance.) . Then you come down the aisle after the maid of Honor of the celebration of his father's arm and once in the Pulpit of your father is with you in front of the Minister, Priest, until the Minister or Priest asks the father who gives his daughter and then his father sits on the left side on one of the benches along with his mother. . When you are going to begin to say their vows and exchange of rings is the Maid/Matron of Honor for her wedding bouquet and return it to you after the Minister is finished and that are leaving the church. . The Maid/Matron of Honor and possibly one or two Ladies of honor can help to keep the train of her dress to not trip, and is flowing backward for good pictures as you go up the aisle to exit the church on the arm of her new husband.

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