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What should you study in high school if you want to major in English?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on May 24, 2019

I'm honestly a little curious about this question myself. I am currently a high school student who plans a career in English, preferably something related to the Brit lit. For now I'm trying to take the most rigorous English and History classes that I take. I've taken Eng1,3,4(all Honors), AP Lang/Comp and AP Lit. And, you might wonder why the Story? Well, everything literary has a historical background and period, so it is important to know your history. So I have taken World Geography(H), World History(H), AP USH, AP Euro History, and AP Government/Econ. In addition to trying to take challenging courses in other subjects such as math (currently taking honors pre-cal and subsequently AP Calc, foreign language (do the 4 years, if you can make major-related electives (Creative Writing, Advanced Comp, Journalism...) and just do your best. Though higher math/science is not usually necessary for a student of English, it is always nice to receive enter first-year classes early and barely makes a candidate eligible for admission. I hope that helps! oh! and it is possible that you want to try to tutor/internship/volunteer/work in English related to the place. as a local newspaper or reading club?

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