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What should you do-middle school-like guy with gf-flirts with you-friend asked if he likes you-said just really good friends-what else could he hav sed tho-do you have a chance?

Annie Barnes

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Daniel King on June 29, 2018

I hate to say it, but even if you had a chance, I would stay away from this type. He has a girlfriend, but he is flirting with you? I don't want to crush hope, but if you he really liked you, he would have broken up with his girlfriend. The guys like to play on the field and that is what he may have been doing. Men also tend to mirror; if it was to flirt with him, has perhaps approached again, because he is a guy. And even if he really did like you, do you really want to go out with a guy who flirts with other girls when he has a girlfriend? Human beings are creatures of habit; if he did this once, he probably would do it again if they were boyfriends.

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