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What should you do if you suspect your wife is having an affair with a female co-worker because she has excessive phone calls at all hours of the day and says things like I love you too?

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on February 12, 2019

Response . In the first place! Do not jump to conclusions. Maybe your looking for something about his wife, that I don't know, maybe she is Bisexual. Maybe she had an unexpected mishalf with this coworker, and your in a relationship. You dont know intill you ask. Now, from the severity in the question, I think that you do not want your wife sleeping with another woman. Just ask her about it, and she might tell you. Now, if she says no, and her capture, then yes, it is cheating. But to talk about it, you know that this could be a new and exciting thing to add to your sex life.. Response . \nI tell all my friends that I love, I'm not Gay or Bisexual, I am married to a man, this is the way in which the woman. (MORE)

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