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What should undocumented students know about immigration and education?

I am starting a blog to help undocumented students learn more about immigrants higher education. I have written two articles, and I want to include another one that addresses the things that immigrant students should know before going to college. To be able to write this article I would like the help of people with knowledge about immigration and education. I want to know the main concepts concerning college for immigrants. If there is any essential information, I should know about immigrants college students I would like to know it.

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1 answer

Donald Ward on September 12, 2018

I read a report a few years ago that addressed the issue of higher education for immigrants. From the report, I was able to gather insights on the issue and even wrote a review of it. The question on immigrants seeking education is not new although these immigrants still face challenges as they try to attain education. Some of these students have been able to overcome challenges and successfully gained an education. For immigrant students in a college, it is crucial to have an idea of what they should expect ahead.

It is good that you have decided to write an article that would help these students find a balance in their education as immigrant students. It is important for any undocumented students to familiarise themselves with the following when preparing for college admissions. I have enumerated some information below that could help you increase the content of your article and also your blog:

  • One thing an undocumented student preparing to go to college should know is that they are not alone. Many immigrant high school graduates have applied for colleges with immigrants and were accepted. It is vital for these students to know that they are not alone but other students have undergone similar experiences.
  • Guidance school counselors cannot disclose your citizenship status to anyone. You will find that there is an Act that prevents schools and that includes colleges from sharing your personal information. As a student, you can disclose your immigrant status to the school counselor, and you can be assured they are legally incompetent of sharing your citizenship status.
  • As an undocumented student, you should ensure that you are a registered with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This is a benefit program that supplies to students enrolled in a school and graduates of schools in the country. As a high school graduate getting ready for college, you are eligible for this immigrant benefit program.
  • Immigrant students getting ready for college should not limit their college choices to one state. Although there are states that do not accept undocumented students into their public schools, there is, however, others that allow these students to enroll in their public colleges. You should understand that no law prohibits immigrant students from applying and joining colleges.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

Applying for colleges can be stressful for students especially those with immigrant status. I can attest to it because I experienced the same anxiety when I graduated from high school. Being an immigrant student I had no idea, there was a way I could be a higher education immigrant student. I sought help from a guidance counselor at my high school that was happy to share some of the relevant things I should know as I applied for college as an immigrant student. Most of the tips the counselor mentioned are listed above; however, there are others I would like to add:

  • The process used by undocumented students and migrant students to apply for college is almost the same. College applications will not need any proof of your identification as a citizen; therefore, you can apply for the college without expecting you will be asked for your official ID as a citizen.
  • Even though undocumented students are not liable for the federal loan, there are financial resources that immigrant students can receive. You can find about these sources and scholarships you are eligible for and apply. 

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