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What should international students know before going to study in the U.S.A.?

I’m planning a trip the U.S. next years for the educational purposes. So, I wonder what I can learn from the natives. Do you have any advice to give me? How do I behave? Where do I find accommodation? I know that international students often live in dormitories, but are there any other options? Maybe if a family is ready to host an exchange student I can choose this way? I won’t stay there for a long time, not my whole studies will be held there. What universities in USA would you advise me to pay attention to?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 18, 2018

Well, I think that every country has its own traditions and social rules. So, to know how to properly behave, you need to research the information about your location, preferably written by the natives. Also, I wouldn’t completely trust all those popular student comedies or you would be gravely disappointed by the lack of opportunity to party every night and make it all revolve around socializing forgetting about classes and tasks. Be realistic in your expectations—this is my first tip for you.

The next tip for studying in the USA is to take care of your visa beforehand. It doesn’t mean that you have to apply half a year before your courses. A couple of months would be a better choice.

Also, this part is optional, but I would recommend you learn to love coffee. Though there won’t be non-stop partying, the life of a student is hectic in the U.S. You will have to wake up early and, sometimes, tasks will be done at night with a pressing deadline on your shoulders. An international student is just as busy as the regular one.

Try beer pong. Really, this is a duty of any student who comes to America to try this traditional game.

Look for scholarships and grants everywhere. For most people, studies in college begin with the long search for available financial aid. Apply to all offer you find and try your luck. The fees are pretty high and the personal needs will require a lot as well. As far as I remember, international students can be accepted to work at campus which makes their lives so much easier. All USA universities are bound to have a few positions available. If they are not taken, you are free to works after classes. Ask for a position beforehand; contact the administration while you are still in your country to be sure a job awaits your arrival.

The last suggestion of mine is travel as much as you can. No country can be fully uncovered just be staying in one city. While you have the change, visit as many places as you can. Besides, the U.S. is a huge country that can show you climates as different as day and night (and people are just the same.) Make a road trip with your friends and fulfill the part of the standard “Hollywood American pack. “

Also, hosting an exchange student is an honor for some families. So, be free to look for a place to stay with the natives. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

These are some great tips. All of them are necessary when you come to the U.S. Actually, hosting an exchange student is a common practice here. Are you coming on a U.S. exchange program or separately? This can make a great difference when it comes to your accommodation options. But, I guess, living in the dormitory is not as bad as it seems. Most USA universities offer decent conditions including rooms for two roommates top. Besides, it is a cheerful place where you will find many new friends and see how American students actually live. Maybe, you will be lucky to get a local roommate who will show you around, help to meet new people, and get acquainted with the culture. 

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