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What should I know before applying for pnc student loans?

During my search to find the best student loan lender, I chose PNC to help me with my college fees. I have done some research however I need additional information about applying for student loans with PNC; anything that I might have missed on my research. Can someone tell me from personal experience what are the pros and cons of applying for pnc student loans. I would also like to know if people can get student loans with bad credit. Does this program provide the option to defer student loans?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 19, 2018

I recently received a graduate student loan with pnc and I affirm that this loan lender lives up to its reviews. Before my application I did my homework and I found out more facts that you should know before your application. First, PNC has a lengthy period of fifteen years for students to pay for loans however this ample repayment time may inhibit students from qualification for other low interest rate loans. Second it also offers discounts on loans offered which enables students to save. Loan fees of PNC only range from zero to six percent. You can apply for debit deduction payment from your checking account. At PNC you can receive student loans despite bad credit as long as you have a cosigner.
Below are some of the pros of PNC

  • PNC offers its clients a period of fifteen years to repay your total loan. This is enough time for students to complete their loans with ease.
  • In case you need your cosigner released from your financial burden, you are expected to make payments on time for four years.
  •  PNC also offers a maximum loan range of $ 225,000 or $40,000 annually. This is the highest loan limit among all the student loan lenders. This will benefit students with expensive tuition fees.
  • It also offers a discount of 0.50% if your payments will be deducted from your savings account. This discount will substantially reduce your interest rate.
  • PNC also gives students an opportunity to make prepayments if they are financially capable without penalizing them for paying early.
  • It also offers students a six month grace period before they start paying back the loans.
  • The company also offers students two types of interest rates to choose from that is variable interest rate and fixed interest rate.
  • PNC has a good support system that assists their client at all times. Their customer care agents could be easily reached via email, live chat or contacts present on their website

Among the cons of PNC there are:

  • It does not offer loan consolidation services to students therefore they offer no management service if you want to combine your loans into one loan with one interest rate.
  • You also need to make consecutive payments for two years before your cosigner is released from the student loan application contract

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I agree that PNC is among the highly ranked loan lenders in the country with positive reviews. PNC is a diverse loan lender company that allows all kind of students to apply for student loans. I am a graduate with a deferred student loan and the only way one is liable for having a deferment if you are in the following situation:

  •  You are enrolled in accredited college at least half time and receive a direct PLUS loan for extra six months after you are no longer enrolled in the school
  • If you are in a credible graduate fellowship program member
  • If you are in an approved rehabilitation training for the disabled
  • If you are unemployed for three years or without full employment
  • If you are in an economic crisis or in the military for three years
  • If you are an active military officer in war or national emergency
  • If you were an active military officer in war for thirteen months after your service

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