What should I expect with the best online masters programs?

I am about to register for an online masters degree. I would, therefore, like to know the requirements for such online courses. I just need an overview of the admission requirements for online college degrees. I think I have a list of best online master’s programs. I will just need to pick one. Before I pick one of the best online masters programs, I would like to know what to expect when pursuing the course as well as the admission requirements set by the admissions department. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on May 15, 2018

First of all, you need to know that you have a wide range of choices. Online programs are as varied as those offered on-campus. You can choose what school to join, what major to pursue in the degree of your choice.

Secondly, many online degree programs requirements are similar to on-campus requirements. Universities and colleges admit students according to the GPAs, SAT, and ACT scores. Other 4-year universities allow students with transferable college credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Even the best online master’s program will carry the same requirements. Some courses may call for some professional experience though.

Some online master’s courses have on-campus requirements. Although instructors interact with students virtually, online courses may require a learner to spend a little time on campus. For instance, during a workshop, your presence may be needed. While most courses are designed to reduce the number of times instructors meet with their students, minimal face-to-face classes are important for online programs. Distance learning programs may also require students to complete an internship depending on the field of study. Clinical rotations at a hospital is an example.

Moreover, an online learning environment is required for students who are pursuing an online college degree. Virtual simulations, class chat rooms, message boards, videos, web conferences and prerecorded lectures are the combination of methods through which instructions are relayed. These programs will require a student to have up-to-date computers, reliable internet, and software that will allow coursework completion. In programs like program development and graphic designing, the list above becomes even more important, since heavy application usage is needed.

You should expect that there will be a lot of material and assignments to be covered in little time. Since online programs are taken in short semesters, people tend to think that there is less material to be covered. This is not the case. Students misunderstand this little time commitment. It means that you will cover the course content in eight-week time compared to the normal sixteen-week term. For this reason, much time will be spent going over course content. It is important to remember this before joining a program.

People think that it is easier to cheat in online programs than in on-campus programs. This is not true. Instructors use Proctor U and Turn it in to avoid cases of cheating. Proctor U allows a student to take a timed test at home without cheating and Turnitin guarantees originality of submitted content. 

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