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What should I expect from masters programs?

I am starting my master studies in a few months. I am really worried because I do not know what to expect from masters programs. I have heard that they are really strict and serious and less fun compared to bachelor programs. I just want to know what to expect so that I can be prepared psychologically. I will be pursuing one of the one year masters programs at my local university and I want to do my best. So, what should I expect when pursuing an advanced degree? Is the experience enjoyable?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 28, 2018

Everyone is afraid of the unknown. There is a possibility that you were scared of going to college when you completed high school. It is normal to feel this way. However, you have nothing to be afraid of. Yes. Masters studies are different and more serious compared to bachelor studies. However, it is a really enjoyable experience. You get to interact with different people who are experts in their field, experience a different environment of learning and challenge yourself. There are a number of things you should expect from a master program. These include:

  • A lot of studying

Advanced degrees are not like bachelor degrees where your professor tries to explain everything in your curriculum to you. It is a discussion between you and your professor. The professor assumes you were equipped with the basic skills and knowledge in your undergraduate studies. Therefore, they do not delve too deep into the subject material. It is up to you to study and learn what you need to. No one will follow up to find out whether you reviewed the material. You have to make time to visit the library and do research on areas you have not understood.

  • Advanced Research

When doing your masters, you will not be doing research for the sake of it. Research in master programs is something very serious. Students present their research in seminars and other platforms so that they can explain it to different people. The papers are also published. Therefore, expect to do a lot of research while pursuing your degree and ensure you master good research skills because at this level, you are expected to have top-notch research skills.

  • Fewer Students

Fewer people pursue masters compared to bachelors. Therefore, expect to have fewer students in your classroom compared to what you had during your undergraduate studies. This means you will have to participate in class more because the sessions are very interactive. This will not only boost your confidence but also enable you to learn a lot.

  • Better Life After School

If you already had a job before you enrolled for your masters, you will be happy to know that you will have a great life after your one year master program. You will have a better salary and you will qualify for better job opportunities and promotions. However, if you were not working, you might have to start looking for a job. It might not be easy but if you keep up with the search, there is no doubt you will land a great job.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

Master studies are not very different from bachelor programs. The only difference is that you be studying more. Masters is all about specializing in one field. Therefore, you should expect to delve deeper into the topics you studied during your bachelors and do a lot of research on this. You should also expect a less fun experience. In bachelor programs there is a lot of free time to hang out with friends, go to parties and have fun. This is not the case in master programs. During your masters, you are always preparing for your thesis paper which is one of the most important researches you will ever do in your master program. There is no time to waste on fun and games. You should also expect to take some time before you adjust to the new environment especially if you are doing your masters in a different country from your own.

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