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What should I do with the college books that I am no longer using?

One challenge that I have faced in my college life is where to put my college books once I am through with them. At home, my drawer is almost full of the many books that I am no longer using. I have various Christian study books and other books that are just lying there. One of the things that pain me most is the large amount of money that I spent buying these books. However, given that I am not short on book learning, I wouldn’t mind selling the books and making some profit. The problem is that I don’t know how to go about it. How can I make money from the books I am no longer using?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 8, 2018

Higher education is expensive and buying a college book adds to the cost. It is true that it feels very painful when you discover that a book that you bought very expensively is now worth half the price. I was also in a similar situation. Little did I know that my fear was hindering me from making money from the books I wasn’t using anymore. Figure this out, once you are through with a book, someone else is in need of such a book. You can make money from the books you are not using in various ways. You can consider selling them online or in book stores near you. The demand for used text books is high as they are cheaper hence many students go for them.

When it comes to selling your books, it is good to sell them when the studies commence. At such times, the demand for such books is high hence you can sell them at a higher price than when the schools have not yet opened. For any Christian study book or any other book, there are various websites which you can visit to identify the current market value of your book. If you are in need of cash, you can sell your books at lower prices to get buyers faster. However, when selling your books online, you should not sell them at very low prices due to the various fees involved. Failure to consider these fees may see you make little or no profit at all.

Another way you can make money from college textbooks you are no longer using is through renting. You charge people for using your books. The people who rent your books are not allowed to put any mark in the books hence they remain in good condition and can be used over and over. Most college textbooks are good at enhancing booklearning. Consequently, by renting them, you don’t incur any loss. Renting provides an avenue for making money while the books are still yours. Even after renting the books you can still sell them at a later date.

The worst thing that you can do with books you are no longer using is keeping them at home. You need to dispose of some of them so as to reduce your expenditure on new ones. By selling or renting your books, you make some income that you can use in buying the books that you need. Furthermore, there is no need of filling your house with books you are no longer using. Making the books available to other people is also beneficial to them, as they don’t have to incur huge costs to use them.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Although some people consider renting their college books, I find it very challenging. Whereas you may get people to rent the books, huge costs in terms of making the books available to them and getting them back make me hate this method. For me, I prefer selling my books since it is one time transaction and once I have sold a book I know, I won’t repeat the same process for the same book twice. With renting, some books may still end up at your home once they have become too old to be used. Renting also comes with other responsibilities like checking whether the book was still in the same condition when it was given out. This provides room for disagreement with the other part. For me, I hate any kind of exchange hence I prefer selling. However, although I don’t like renting my books, I would prefer to do so than have the books in my house. I wouldn’t mind making some money from the books I am no longer using.

Eric Bates2 years ago

Selling books to book stores and online stores is a super idea since I get most of my college books there. Most of the books are used and they are on high demand. Although they are not pricey you could recover some of the expenses you incurred. One tip I see people use in my home town is they organize garage sales to dispose of books they no longer use. Garage sales may sounds traditional but they can help you reduce the surplus. You can organize one at a time that will target customers and display your course books and the Christian study books you have.

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