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What school district do I live in?

I am having trouble locating the schools within my district. I would like to know available schools within my district area so that I can join one of the best ones. I heard that it’s possible to locate your school district by address. How can I do that? Is there some kind of easy school locator program I can use to pinpoint the exact location of schools and find out what is my school district? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 31, 2018

Yes, it is as easy as counting one two three to locate one’s district. Visit a URL-based site ‘Map-School Locator,’ and you will get to know what your school district is. In the map locator, you will have a step-by-step directive on what to do as follows:

  • Start your search. If I were to look for what school district I live in, I would have to enter the name of the school, use the zip code or type in your own address to find out the most suitable school you can attend.
  • Show all schools. It works when the search thread is empty. You will be directed to click on the magnifying glass to display all schools. Note that after every step, there is a next or back button depending on what action may interest you.
  • Reset map. It works like school locators. It is step three to direct map reset back to normal.
  • Find me feature. It tries to locate your exact place at the moment as well as the location of the schools around you. At this point, you will see all the schools that may interest you in your proximity. Also, you can locate school districts by address.
  • Overlays. The button directs a person to indicate overlays. When clicked, overlays appear on the right-hand side with subheadings as listed: Attendance boundaries, geographic overlays, and political overlays.
  • Information. This button will give you options such as downloadable pdf and capability to send feedback. Also, it shows map legend, significant phone numbers you can use, and even FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  • Map Legend. By clicking next, a map legend pops up. It offers a description of all the items of the map from elementary schools up to high school.
  • Zoom in. This button directs you to zoom into the map. You can as well use the left click of the mouse to zoom in and see things more clearly. A school map of the region will pop up, and you will be in a position to precisely locate your school.
  • Zoom out. As the name suggests, it tells you to zoom out of the map. Alternatively, you can do so by double-clicking your right mouse button, or you can pinch out.
  • Compare schools. Interestingly, you are provided with an option of comparing various schools within your search results. The search offers you choices of hiding, showing, and comparing lists of schools. You can compare your school district with others. As the final step, it prompts you to click done.

Emily Alexandera year ago

The Map-school Locator is the way to go. Therefore, I agree with the description above. With it, you can locate with precision any school of your district. If you are already attending a school, then no doubt, you can still use the map to compare your school district to others. If you are not attending any school yet, use this map locator to get to know the most appropriate school you can attebd. You will have a variety of options by just following the defined steps above. This school locator is an easy way for any person to get to know a school of choice to join, make a comparison, or pinpoint the geographical location of a school.

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