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What rights are specifically protected under the ninth amendment? A most basic safety B rights unlisted in the constitution C freedom of expression rights D rights listed in the bill of rights

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on February 25, 2019

The corrrect answer is (B) the rights do not appear in the Constitution. The 9th amendment states, in essence, that rights are not granted to citizens in the Constitution, or given directly to the federal government belong to the people respectively. This amendment is based on the Anti-federalist fear of a strong central government (federal ) government. When the new constitution was being developed at the Constitutional Convention, Anti-federalists fought to give people as many rights as possible, as they feared a strong central government such as the united states experienced when they were under the control of the British. This is the reason why the 9th amendment exists, to make sure that people have a significant amount of power and freedom in American society.

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