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What repayment plans are provided by chase student loans?

I am a college student currently in the process of applying for financial assistance from chase student loans however I am not sure how to go about the whole process. Any information about the services and education loans that Chase offers would be appreciated. Additionally, I would also like to know about the repayment plans for the loans offered including the parent student loans. I would also like information on the income based repayment student loans offered by Chase and whether there is a specific process to apply for the repayment plans.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Derrick Little on April 5, 2018

In my second year in university, I also took a student loan from chase, and I can say that they are among the financial lenders that provide student loans to clients. While applying for the loan is a straightforward process all you have is submit all the educational and financial documentation.  You are also required to complete the application for the Student Aid. The good thing about taking an educational loan with Chase is that you do not have to pay back the loan while in school.  The financial aid ranges from Graduate loans, student loans, parent-student loans for students in various educational fields. Their rates are various and competitive for the clients to choose one that suits them best.  You would also be exempted from paying any fees or expenses. In cases when you have exhausted any options for federal loans, you could apply for a private student loan with Chase. The current rates on loans can easily be found on the site of Chase. The site also has several features purposely for facilitating the students’ loan application process. These features include comparison tools, interest rate information and loan calculators.  Students could also find answers to their questions from the frequently asked questions section.

When it comes to the repayment options, Chase has a variety of repayment plans which are simple and easy to understand. Borrowers could pay back the loan while still in school, and they could additionally have an extension of the grace period up to six months after graduation.  All these repayment plans could be tailored to suit the borrowers in a way that they would be able to clear the loan while accruing little interest. Income-based repayment student loans tend to lower the student loans. Therefore, they are highly favorable for students. This is because the loans are repaid at only 10% of the borrower’s total income.  This means payment is solely based on what you earn and cannot exceed 10% of your gross income. The eligibility of qualifying for this loan is also only based on your education. For borrowers to apply or the loan repayment they ought to follow the following steps:

  •    Log on to application form from your loans services
  •    Select a repayment option with the lowest monthly payment
  •    You could also change your monthly payment according to your income or family size

Jordan Soto2 years ago

As a graduate student, I can also recommend you to use Chase because of their friendly repayment options that do not cause strain to the borrower. The student could also ask their parents to contribute to their tuition fees since Chase offers the parent-student loans which make the process possible and easy.  Applying for a student loan with Chase offers a borrower with various repayment options that are friendly to the borrower. It is, however, important to remember that before receiving a loan one should be eligible to receive it. This means you must meet the following requirements:

  •    You must be a US citizen
  •    You must be enrolled in an institution that is in the selection of Chase
  •    You must have a valid social security number
  •    You must be of the required legal age to apply

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