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What reading strategies do you use to make judgments and form opinions?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on April 20, 2019

You should try to look for something like the thesis "the brownies are a delight and can be done in five easy steps." The way to form an opinion of this is in the search how do about yourself, such as "I love brownies,and I know how to make them." You can make a judgment in the same way. You just find something negative about it, as the thesis was about the brownies. "I like brownies, but I don't like veggie brownies(it does not state what kind they were)" Or you can use something like this "kentucky blue grass." Your judgement/opinion would be "who wants to blue grass?The grass is supposed to be green!"So the stragity is what it is all about you.(what you like,do not like)

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