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What questions are on the nccer instrument fitter test?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on May 12, 2019

it covers basic safety and handtool knowledge, how the design and installation of piping and tubing, terminations and shielding/grounding for instrumentation, valves, relays, actuators, metallurgy, drawings and documents, gaskets and packing, lubcricants and cleaning products, types of tubes, pipes, hoses, elements, side, drivers, detectors, switches, and photoelectric sensors devies, regulators, dryers, analyzers, monitors, channels, panel mounting, cleaning and testing said cleanliness in instrument systems, instrument fitters math (which includes some trig) etc... a lot of things that you don't need to know for the production of bend and install tubing along with the appropriate supports, but if you want the money, well you know. Some specific questions that ask for..... 1-What color tie wrap do you use outside - black. 2 - Why can you use white tie wraps inside? They are not UV resistant therefore cannot be used outside. 3 - how much to subtract from your measurement on 1/2 inch tubing when bending a 90? 11/16" 4-About 10 questions about parts of a pipe threader - ie chuck, jaws, on/off switch, etc 5 - How do you identify instrument air on a set of prints? line with small lines across it like a single railroad track showing cross ties. 6 - A few questions about stroking a valve ie 1-12 = 0-100% 50% open is 6, 75% open is 9 7-Identifying types of valves on the drawings that I had not been in a plant in 17 years. I had 10 years of experience as a boilermaker, pipefitter and welder. I had soldiers for the instrumentation and of the electrical company. I had never worked as an instrument more in shape before and I passed the test. If you have industrial experience and remember the questions that I have just given you have a good chance of passing. Brush up on the reading of the drawings and identify the parts of a pipe threader. Remember that the tie that wraps and deduction, when bending a 1/2" 90. You could spend also.

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