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What qualities should I look for when choosing home tutors?

Like any parent who is concerned with the academic well-being of their child, I have recently decided to find a math tutor for my son. He has always performed exemplary in school, but some time ago I noticed that his grades in Maths were drastically dropping. I found a site that helps people find local maths tutor. During the last week, I have lined up several applicants for the job. However, I am looking for the best candidate. I would like the opinions of people who have hired home tutors before telling me what I should look for in a tutor.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on May 10, 2018

Last year, I decided to hire a local maths tutor who helped me improve my grade within one semester. I also used a website that helped me get several applicants for the job. So there are many people out there who claim to be tutors. You have to be wise when it comes to choosing a tutor. The next step was to narrow down the options and pick up one tutor. All these applicants were good tutors, but I needed some time to find the best one. My choice was based on the following things:

  •    Qualification

The best way to determine whether a tutor is competent and worth your time and money is based on their qualification. Look at the levels the tutors have completed in math. Choose a home tutor who is advanced academically in math.

  •    Experience in tutoring

Ask the applicants how much time they have spent being tutors. Although having qualifications is the first thing on the checklist, you should hire someone with teaching experience. Having math skills does not necessarily mean you are a good tutor. To become the best tutor, the experience is essential. The more experience, the better. Someone who has been in tutoring for a while is familiar with different teaching techniques. They can choose the suitable technique to work different students.

  •    Students achievement rate

What is the success rate that the tutor has had with his or her students? Ask the tutor how the students he has taught have changed academically after his or her help. A good tutor is the one who has helped students improve academically. Good students are a reflection of the tutor they had.

  •    Students they have taught

As you gauge the tutors, you could ask them the number of students they have taught. Since in your case you are looking for a local tutor you can ask for feedback from his or her previous students. Ask about how the tutor teaches and their tutoring experience. You can find math tutors based on the feedback you get. The more positive feedback this or that tutor has, the more confident in their skills you can be. 

Roger Moorea year ago

I have been a home tutor for the past ten years, and I have dealt with many parents who asked me to help their children. One thing I have learned is that people who hire tutors are specific with what they want. I have been at many interviews where I was asked questions to find out what a tutor I am. All the questions I was asked were related to what has been mentioned in the list given above. Another common area which is of concern to those who hire tutors is whether the tutor is affiliated with an educational institution.

To determine the qualification of the tutor, people ask whether a tutor have classes anywhere else. A tutor with substantial experience is evidently qualified and is a good choice for a tutor. This will prove to you that the tutor does this on a daily basis and they have a hang of what is expected of them. 

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