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What qualifications do I need to get into college faculty jobs?

I would like to get information on suitable college faculty jobs. I recently lost my job at a publisher. Working at a college has long been my desire. I have no prior experience with higher education organizations. However, I have been involved in publishing for close to a decade now. I believe my background will guarantee a smooth transition into a college job.

Also, I would appreciate a deeper scoop inside higher education jobs i.e. jobs available, qualifications, job requirements, working hours.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on February 1, 2018

To get a suitable college faculty job you ought to go for a job you are qualified for. Try to match your expertise with the most appropriate job.

A higher education organization has numerous jobs besides the conventional lecturing. There are jobs in practically every field. Simply check out the human resource departments of these institutions to see the jobs provided. You can also check out a website that specializes on college vacancies - inside higher ed jobs.

With a background in publishing I feel you can be able to secure a place in some college. The following is a list of some of the jobs you can qualify for:

  • Editor: You can apply for an editor’s position. You will be in charge of faculty
    magazines, newspapers and other publications. This is a typical job, meaning you will probably work 9-5. A degree and working experience will be an added advantage. Must be available for work daily therefore you have to relocate to a residence close to your job.
  • College books sales representative: If you have marketing and sales skills in addition to your publishing skills, you will be suited for this job. Experience is a must in this field. A strong commercial outlook is essential.
  • Publishing director: This will entail driving the faculty’s publishing strategies to desired standards. You will also be required to grow the editorial outfit of the college. Finally, you will be tasked with managing all the publishing resources. For this job you need to have: Good leadership and management skills working in a busy publication house
  • Experience managing a for profit publishing center
  • Excellent account management from working with key external organizations and editors 
  • Experience in the acquiring, managing and publishing of content
  • Verifiable success in high level contract negotiating, bid/proposal developing and presenting
  • Leading and inspiring the college team to deliver high output.
  • Strong commercial priority
  • Ability to network and build relationships at various levels
  • Publicity manager: This job chiefly entails assisting the Associate Publisher in
    developing publicity strategy, coming up with budgets, and allocating resources to execute publicity/media campaigns and author/editor ceremonies or occasions.
    a) It also involves being in charge of a publicity database and creating names for publicity mailings
    b) Top notch communication skills
    c) Shown ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and flexibility to meet new opportunities
    d) Must be able to handle multiple jobs and assignments simultaneously
    e) Must be a very pragmatic and strategic thinker and a strong team player

Brian Warner2 years ago

I also think you can apply for a commissioning auditor’s position at any higher education organization.

Responsibilities include:

● Identifying new and upcoming student writers, developing college proposals, presenting new ideas to the college board, and negotiating offers with other stakeholders

● Forming and maintaining professional relationships with relevant stakeholders

● Coming up with proposals for content and marketing

● Exploring and identifying trends in college publishing and specialized needs in faculties.

● Performing editing of college publication materials.

● Liaising with stakeholders such as freelancers and production editors to meet publishing, acquisitions and development goals.

The ideal candidate here should:

● Have good and well recognized referees

● Have top notch negotiation skills

● Elaborate and precise presentation skills

● Be capable of communicating efficiently with all levels across the college

● Be organized and have keen attention to detail

● Able to work with little supervision and come up with priorities under pressure

● Possess excellent written and oral communication skills

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