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What qualifications are needed to become a pole dance teacher?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Karen Wright on May 26, 2019

As of this writing, there are no qualification standards needed to become a pole dance teacher. In other words, anyone can hang up a blackboard and offer pole dancing classes. Hohowever, you probably want to do everything possible to make sure they offer a safe, well-designed classes if you are thinking of becoming an instructor of pole dance. Certain gyms, fitness centers or pole dance studios may have their own standards or certifications they require of their instructors. Many offer apprenticeship or training programs, so for what it's worth inquiring into this if you are interested in teaching. As a minimum, it is probably a good idea to take a certification course in fitness, as this will give you the basics of anatomy, safety and class design. What is more likely is that you need to take CPR and first aid as part of a fitness certification program as well. In addition, you will usually have access to affordable group insurance, which is important if you are going to be teaching. Many countries have a national fitness certification organization where you obtain further information. In addition, each province or state often has its own certifying body which you can usually contact by searching for " adequacy of the certification." In addition to the fitness aspect of certification, obviously, you also want to make sure that you get adequate training in pole dancing, and have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills. This can be done through the adoption of a course offered by a local pole dance studio, though not many yet offer this. There are also a couple of online certification options available. The most accessible training option for many potential instructors is probably to approach a local studio and inquire about a teaching learning.

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