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What people usually attend Hangout Music Festival?

I’ve heard a lot about Hangout Music Festival from various acquaintances. However, they seem to be completely different to me. How can they all love the same fest? What is so cool about it? Is the audience there mostly sound and well-behaved? What is the average age of the participants?

It sounds really interesting. So, I’d also like to know the Hangout Music Festival date in case I decide to visit it this year or in the future. By the way, what is the Hangout lineup? I hope I know at least some bands and can truly enjoy it.

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on May 15, 2018

I’m not surprised that people of various tastes and spheres are interested in this music fest. I’ve been there before and met many interesting people who I would never meet in my life. These Hangout Music Festivals are for various people and music tastes. There, you will hear such genres as indie, pop, rock, electronic, and so on. Many bands and singers combine all of them in their work. All my friends who have visited it are left speechless and waiting for the next opportunity.

Each year, the sponsors invite new bands to keep it fresh. They follow music trends and look for fresh sounds. It is always great to meet new musicians and uncover your hidden preferences. Out taste changes and such mixes of various genres is a great opportunity to encourage the change.

As for the behavior of people, all festivals have a few troublemakers—this is completely normal. Hangout Fest has enough guard to keep all visitors safe and eliminate danger in the very beginning of the fest. I wouldn’t worry about your safety.

As for the age, there are, of course, many teens and young adults there. I would say that about 70-80 percent of visitors are aged 15-35. Note that these are my approximate estimated based on a few tears of attendance. Once in a while, you find a grandma with colorful hair or styles grandpas amidst the youth and know that you can be young and free inside your whole life. Age is only a number that doesn’t define who we are.

Here is a webpage where you can see the Hangout line-up for this year: These are the headliners that most people are waiting for. Do you know any of them? If yes, welcome to the fest! I can tell you a few things about my personal favorites. Maybe, they will persuade you to visit the fest.

The Killers! Yes, they are amazing. You’ve probably heard them before. This is an American rock band that is famous in the whole world. This is one of the biggest bands of our century with such albums as Hot Huss, Wonderful Wonderful, and so on.

Phantogram. A memorable duo that I’ve discovered not long time ago. A little bit dark but tasty nevertheless.

Bleachers. An indie-pop group with amazing music videos. You can watch a few of them.

So, if what I’ve written interests you, welcome aboard! The Hangout Music Festival dates are May 18th-20th. 

Larry Warren2 years ago

Your description was good enough to make me wanna buy one more ticket though I already have one. The Killers are people’s favorites. However, there are still many other cool bands to listen at Hangout Music Festival this year.

Kendrick Lamar, for example. He is different from the bands you’ve mentioned. This is actually one of the few rappers I listen to. His video clips are also always great and incredibly artistic.

And what about Odesza? Their music is so heartfelt and tender. The lyrics always amaze me, no matter what song I listen to. I’m proud to be their fans when a few people know about them. I’m sure they will become more popular after becoming a Hangout band.

Just watch the lineup page, they are all so different. How can you miss an opportunity to see so many talents live? 

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