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What online schools are high school accredited schools?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on May 13, 2018

The Stanford University Program
There are tons of accredited online high schools now and what I think you should do is to study very well what they offer and what they can get out of it. The good thing about being online is that you can always find out about the websites specific. You can see what others experience is through the testimonials or by searching on what people know about this web site. Take the time to know which is the best web page.
Take a look at the website of the school for the school's accrediting agency. Then, verify that the accrediting agency against the list of CHEA and the Department of Education from the list of false and/or non-recognized agencies of this type, as there are also "tons of those" out there as well. Be careful, because they sound very legitimate and respectable, but true accreditation means that you are going to get a good education, that meets bonafide standards.

Also, check out Excel high School. Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by Advanced, North Central Association casi, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities is ALMOST recognized by the Department of Education.

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