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What online schools are accredited by the usde?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Daniel King on February 3, 2018

Response 1: The Department of Education (USDE) does not accredit. Rather, it approves the accreditation of the agencies. The USDE-sanctioned Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) also approves accreditors. Then, each one of both USDE-and CHEA-approved accreditation bodies make all the accreditation in the united States. The whole class both in the classroom and on-line schools are accredited by various both "regional" and "national" USDE-and/or CHEA-approved accreditors. The USDE-and CHEA-approved accreditor that specializes in accrediting online schools and degree programs is the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). However, even regionally accredited, usually in the classroom of schools are expanding their online programs; and their accreditation remains "regional", and not "national" through such as DETC. So, then, it is very difficult to make a list of all schools and/or programs that are exclusively "online"... especially among the "regionally" accredited. It is easier to get out of there and find what you want, and then see if it is available entirely online. Once you've found one, then simply look at the school in both the USDE and CHEA databases of accredited schools to make sure that it is actually accredited. If any school does not appear in at least one of the two USDE and/or CHEA databases (and you really need to check both because there are a couple of agencies that are approved by one, but not the other), then it is said that the school, no matter what he says, is not accredited. Only enroll in a school, either online or in the classroom, which appears in one or both of the USDE and/or CHEA databases; the list of evedences that the school and/or its programs, they are truly accredited by a USDE-and/or CHEA-approved agency. Links to the USDE and CHEA databases may be found in the "sources and related links" section, below. There is also a link, there, to the DETC website of the search page. Just leave all fields as they are, simply click on the "Search" button to do a alphabetical list of all the DETC-accredited online schools and programs appear. .

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