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What online course platforms do you know?

There are many websites to choose from, I’m lost here. What can you advise me? I know there must be a list of learning management systems that offer great courses. I cannot find a decent one.

What are the top online learning sites? I’ve heard about SkyPrep and how good it is. What are the other choices? I don’t want to be stuck with only one website if I can get access to all of them. Of course, I want to find the best teaching platform and stick to it. But nothing is ideal and a few other options would be great to have.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on February 19, 2018

Open source and other online platforms have become a very important tool in education.

If you don’t want to be stuck with only one platform, look at this list of the top online sites for learning provided by Forbes:

The list includes Teachable, Udemy, SkillShare, LearnWorlds, CourseCraft, Thinkific, Academy of Mine, WizIQ, Ruzuku, and Educadium.

All these teaching platforms provide you with a variety of courses on many subjects. SkillShare, for example, it a great source for arts and creating your own lessons. You can build your portfolio and create bite-sized video courses that are available at any time so your students can watch them on their own schedule.

The main goal of CourseCraft is to help you create e-courses and turn your blog into an actual business. I have no experience with this platform, but I’ve heard it’s really great for small business promotion.

“Teachable has more than 20,000 active courses, about 3 million students, and more than 7,500 instructors online. For each subscriber, the website offers a free ebook about course creation, preparing content for videos, slides and much more.” The description looks great and that free e-book on the course creation can be of great help.

The Udemy online course platform has many great programming offers. My friend’s got a certificate from one of them and now works as a developer, a really successful one. I’ve heard a lot of praises from him. Now, he’s learning something else on Udemy as well.

EdLoud is another online learning platform to pay attention to. EdLoud is recognized as an online course selling platform that allows teachers to turn their knowledge and passion into revenue. EdLoud starts at $99 per month and users can try the service free for seven days. The free trial week is more than enough to take a look at the courses and choose one for yourself.

If you look for a top online learning site, searching the Internet is the best thing you can do. There are many options. The popularity of online courses is increasing, as conventional classroom-based learning loses its position to the e-learning platforms. Here, students can learn and carry out assignments and assessments remotely and in their own time.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

It is really hard to choose the best learning website and have no doubts that it is the best of the best.  I think that all of them have some minor issues and lack something that other sites have. There is nothing ideal in this world, Internet is not an exception.

My best advice for you is to try a few platforms and see yourself. Most of them are free. And those that do require payments usually offer a trial period during which you can try them for free.

I’ve never searched internet for these questions, I usually just ask my friends. Online courses are so popular today that at least some of our friends try them. I’ve heard positive reviews about EdLoud and CourseCraft.

When I think about it, all my friends are happy with their learning platforms. Nobody was disappointed. It means that most of them are good.

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