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What occurs in solvation A. Ioninc compounds B. Solvent molecules surround solute ions C. Solute ions separate from solvent molecules D. Solvent molecules bind covalently to soluble molecules

Kevin Sutter

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on June 1, 2018

Answer:- B. Solvent molecules surround ions of the solute.Explanations:- When a solute ion that has positive and negative ions dissolved in a solvent such as water, then the ions of the solute are surrounded by water molecules, so that the highly electron negative oxygen atom of water is toward the positive charge of the ions of the solute and less electron negative atom of hydrogen which has a positive charge part, surrounding the negative charge of ions of the solute. Due to these forces by the molecules of the solvent, the solute is divided into ions and get dissolved in the solvent.

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