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What NYU online courses are worth the time?

It’s time for me to make the next step in my life and plan my future. Some of my friends have decided to settle for the long-distance learning. I’ve always wanted to attend New York University, so, this is where I’ll try to get in. I’ve heard that New York University has plenty of online courses. Many websites write positive reviews about them. However, I’d like to hear your opinion and, hopefully, bits of personal experience. Are there many people who take NYU online courses? I would probably go for online literature courses or maybe free online journalism courses will be good for me.

Megan Page

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1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on February 9, 2018

Yes, NYU offers an impressive list of online courses for its students. You can attend either graduate or undergraduate programs. The university designed its remote classes to feel like the on-site ones. Those respected professors who gather a commotion of students around the campus also take part in the online courses the university has to offer. The whole process of studying is interactive and effective. First of all, there are virtual classrooms that allow students to participate in the work as they would normally. In addition, the professors are always available and ready to help online students at their best.

NYU graduate courses in human resource management and development, managements and systems, professional writing, and translation are the most popular choice among the students. All courses integrate theory, analysis, and hands-on experience to make a great specialist out of you.

As an undergraduate, you can apply to The NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. Unfortunately, undergraduates have only two possible options for remote studying—a bachelor degree in social sciences and in leadership and management studies. Just like the graduate studying, these remote courses are interactive and well-developed. The curriculum includes all areas relevant to your future career.

Considering the recent popularity of their online courses in literature among my acquaintances, I would say that New York University has one of the best offers. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to attend them myself, but all my friends who are interested in writing and philology are happy to be taking them.

As for online free journalism courses, I don’t know if they have online courses in this discipline for sure. I do know that their on-site curriculum is amazing and the competition is quite intense.

If you have already heard many positive reviews about the NYU courses online, why do you doubt them? I doubt that such an establishment has to pay somebody for praise. If it’s your dream to attend NYU, “attack” it by any means. Don’t conform to your friends and choose long-distance studying because it is a trend. Think about what you need and what is best for you.

P.S. As an option to consider, I would suggest paying attention to the fact that NYU is very flexible in its programs. There is also a so-called hybrid system meaning that you can choose which classes to attend offline and which online.

Leigh Manna year ago

I would say that all NYU online courses are worth the time. There is no real difference in attending the lesson on campus or taking them remotely. As it’s been already said, you can combine both options and create your own personal schedule.

The best parts about the New York University are the professors. Here, you can find an interesting mixture of the well-known professors with multiple degrees and the young but prospective ones. Despite the common stereotype, most senior professors make an effort to create an interesting interactive program where young students won’t be bored. However, my personal favorites are the younger ones who are full of energy, ambition, and vigor. They do not focus on the theoretical part as much and always find some interesting practical ways to make the lessons more diverse. They find a common ground with the students and still remember what it’s been like for them. The students of the online courses benefit from these little changes as well. Young professors are always eager to help a remote student.

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