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What NBSE careers are available for students?

I’ve heard that you can find a job with the help of NBSE. Many people talk about the personal base of NBSE careers on the organization’s web services. Is it like those jobs that are connected to the organization? Or is it a bank of openings at the companies and establishments that have been presented at the NBSE convention 2018? There is an NBSE career fair at the event. Are these jobs the only ones available?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on June 25, 2018

Every year, NBSE conventions include a number of career-related events to their schedules. This is one of the main reasons there are some many attendees. Of course, great workshops and lectures are also valued, but the job opportunities attract even those people who wouldn’t be a part of the meetings otherwise.  

When you talk of an NBSE career, most people think about the opportunities the organization offers on its conventions. Of course, there are job positions in the organization itself, but they are very limited.

The official NBSE website also showcases many job opportunities. There are special sections where you can get access to the career bank and search for the offers that suit you. I’ve seen requests from many universities outside of the U.S. There are several thousands of available positions posted on the website. I doubt any of those NBSE career fairs can present the same number of options. However, I always appreciate a chance to meet the representatives of some NBSE partners who are willing to present their job positions on the fair. Speaking with them in person can tell you a lot about their company policy, the attributes they value, and help you to make a general impression of people working there.

The website, in its turn, is less personal and only describes the offer including the standard requirements, responsibilities, and so on. You often don’t even get a contact number in case you would like to know additional details about a job. Yet, there are thousands of them and the new ones are being published every hour. It’s great that NBSE offers a search tool. Without it, it would be a long, long search.

For me, combining these two ways of searching for a job is an ideal option. First of all, you look for the offers on the website and write down something you like and would like to try. Then, you visit the NBSE convention of 2018, for example, and attend all career-related events to check whether the ones you’ve noticed are presented there.  

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

How do you manage to find the offers matching your needs in that huge storage? Yes, I appreciate the concern and am impressed with the variety of positions available, but it is impossible to browse it comfortable. Yes, there is search field of NBSE careers but is not very functional. Besides, I do not truly like the design. Everything is plain and monotonous that you can easily get lost in all that text. Personally, I prefer to visit an NBSE career fair because it’s personal, interesting, and interactive.

Here is also a useful material -  A full guide of the event career activities.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I like your approach to job hunting. I’ve seen the online list of career opportunities from NBSE partners countless times. While the offers seem to be perfect in the description, in reality, they may turn out to be something different. I admit I haven’t thought about the convention attendance for the sake of the NBSE career fair. It actually makes sense to meet the representatives of a company and ask them about the offers in person before applying to one of them. I do not all those initial interviews. However, if it is a fair and I can talk to them without the pressure of being a candidate, I can see the real image a company has, not the one it presents on those “meetings.” This is great advice that I’ll be sure to implement next year at the conference of 2019.   

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