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What MSU study abroad options are available for its students?

I attend Michigan State University. Though the life here is hectic and interesting, I’d like to visit some other countries and attend their establishments as well. So, do you know what MSU study abroad options are available these days? I won’t apply right now, it’s for next year. Or, maybe, you’ve heard about interesting summer abroad programs? This would be a great opportunity as well.

Also, where to study abroad? What places should I choose to combine studies with amazing leisure time? I’d like to visit some colorful locations that won’t be gray or boring.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on April 19, 2018

Well, there are many places on Earth that offer you great academic options but are not boring at all. If you want to add colors to your life, I suggest you choose a warm place somewhere in the south. I don’t know where study abroad programs will lead you, I hope it’s a place where it is mostly warm and the sun shines. What about Australia? If you are not afraid of spiders, you can move there and enjoy the climate. Besides, you won’t get lost in its language or misunderstand a subject because of it. This is a great chance to see something new without the language barrier.

An amazing part of the MSU abroad studies is the reach of this establishment. Can you believe that it works with 70 countries all over the world? Even the Antarctica continent.  Every year, MSU sends several thousands of students to study abroad. You can easily become one of them if you take a responsible approach. MSU study away offers are available to any student who dreams about it.

There is nothing complicated in applying for an international program. First of all, start with searching for the right program for you. Here is the university’s database and a search tool Filter them with those options to specify the list. Then, log in to the student portal with your NetID and fill in the application online. As you see, nothing here is too complicated. Be sure to follow the application deadlines—October 1st for a winter break and spring semester, January 15th for a spring break, and March 1st for summer, fall, and an academic year. You won’t have to wait for more than a few weeks to get your acceptance. It is better to apply for MSU programs beforehand to get enough time to prepare for the departure. Don’t forget that $100 fee is obligatory for all courses and programs. The money is not refundable and if you are not accepted, you lose it. So, think hard about your options before applying.

If you are not sure that a whole year is a good option for you, start with a summer abroad program to get a taste of what it’s like. Besides, summer means beaches, more people to meet, and the atmosphere of freedom around you. This is a time to study at day and relax at night with your new friends.

Charles McAleara year ago

Yea, I agree that summer abroad programs are great for beginners. This way, the pressure is not suffocating and you actually have enough time to enjoy a new country and friends.

In addition, you can look at the photos of people living their programs right now on Instagram! The network is full of proud Spartans living their abroad dreams. The universities website also contains a few stories of your fellow students. If you haven’t read them already, you better take a look at them. You can find many new details from people’s reviews. Besides, they give you some tips that will help you get used to this life faster.

If that feedback is not enough to prepare you, open the tips given by the university: They mainly concern the pre-departure preparations which is the most important step that creates the basis of your stay. You can also ask your peer at the campus to share their experience.

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