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What modality has been the predominant traditional way of learning?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 14, 2018

People have different learning methods, so that there is no predominant method, but is not a predominant method of teaching to one modality. In general, in teaching, visual and auditory are the main methods of giving students information. This is also linked in the types of tests and the intelligences are used in learning. We have a tendency to think that there is a single type of intelligence, but there are 9 and these are generally not addressed in the learning styles. Dr. Howard Gardner, of Harvard university in the School of Education has developed the theory of multiple intelligences. The test is performed with only one intelligence and that is usually the use of the mathematics of intelligence. Because of this the entire population of students are forced in the box to use only one intelligence and their learning style/intelligences are discounted. This may cause the student to resign, to abandon, or not having success.

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